CARN: Reconstruction of the Parterre in the Park of Schlodien
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    Many Photographies show the Schlodien park parterre and can be found displayed on its object entry.

    Only one Source shows the part in front of the former orangery or yellow hall:

    side view with yellow hall

    Some few details can be seen here:

    Loggia of Schlodien manor house

    The assumed latest state of the central part of the parterre is shown by these sources:

    garden side with bench

    garden side with beds

    Euphemie on a horse

    garden side (view over the pond)

    garden side, view through the garden 

    Garden around 1920 

    view through the garden 1920 (lower perspective)

    Eleonore, Euphemie, Wilhelm Christoph and Elisabeth Dohna

    Euphemie and Wilhelm Christoph as children

    Carl Emanuel, Eleonore and Euphemie Dohna

    Wilhelm Christoph Dohna in the guise of a cavalryman

    Wilhelm Christoph Dohna in the guise of an Indian

    "Faffa" with dachshund Nixe, Eleonore and Carl Emanuel Dohna, Gisela Fischer, Ephemie Dohna, Ise Knyphausen

    Painting of the park of Schlodien

    Conrad and Eleonore Dohna with dogs

    "Biba" and Ise Knyphausen, Erica Reichenbach, Eleonore Dohna, Wanda Senden, Carl Emanuel and Elisabeth Dohna, Gisela Fischer, Wilhelm Christoph Dohna


    The parterre's elements

    A rectangular terrace can be identified in front of the avant-corps of the southwest façade. On both sides are high hedges and Schlodian benches. In the axis of the main building, there is a ca. 3m wide way in the direction of the garden pond. Other ways create different grass compartments. (see sketch). Six (three on each side of the main axis) planters with orange trees stand in front of the façade.  

    There are two hedge (ca. 0,5m high) edged squares of around 3*3m with flowers and an about 4m high dracena in the centre. Four hedges of the same height structure the grass compartments perpendicularly to the main axis.

    Two rows of flowers, maybe roses follow the main axis. Five planters with orange trees follow the main axis on each side until it reaches a small roundabout.

    Two compartments have parterre en broderie design. The design can't be identified in its ground plan shape so that it has not been modelled.


    The modelling process

    The grid of pathways has been drawn in Illustrator first (see image). It has been added to the road displacement map for the Vue terrain mesh to make trhe positioning of the parterre's elements easier.

    The planters with orange trees look similar to those in Friedrichstein, so that these have been reused scaling them to a total height of 4m.

    The hedge edged squares have been assembled in Vue with xFrog plants from the IfR repository: LS04_02 (golden leaved boxwood) for the hedges and FL29_4; FL29_1 (euphobia pulcherina red/white) for the flowers. The dracena has been parmetrically grown in Vue. The same LS04_02 have been used for the other small hedges. The roses are SH14_3 (rosa centifolia). They have been distributed manually by eco system painting method on a 0.5*11m rectangle. The two higher hedges by the terrace are LS05_04 (hornbeam 184cm).

    Due to copyright terms, the 3D geometry of these plants cannor be uploaded to this site. 


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