CARN: 3D reconstruction of northeast façade avant-corps
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3D reconstruction of northeast façade avant-corps
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3D Rekonstruktion des Mittelrislaits der Nordostfassade
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  • Report:

    The 3D reconstruction of the northeast façades avant-coprs is highly intertwined with the reconstruction of the room 013/loggia.

    Image 1 illustartes the 3D model of the northeast façade avant-corps in combination with the room 013/loggia.

    Both are modelled under the assumtion that their floorplans are symmtrical to the southwest façade avant-corps. Eventhough the measurment sketch of the ground floor plan shows a slight deviation. See 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house ground floor.

    The two inner pilaster of the outer façade were exchanged by real columns, whereas all four inner pilasters stayed the same.

    Image 2 illustrates both 3D objects in comparison.

    The second storie windows are equal to the upper storie window from the southwest façade and with the ornament garlant. Only the ten upper storie windows from the southwest façades main wing ( Southwest façade southeastern wing, Southwest façade northwestern wing ) as well as from Friedrichstein manor house northwest façade and Friedrichstein manor house southeast façade lack those ornaments. ( See photograph Friedrichstein postcard of manor house southwest façade )

    The ground floor windows were exchanged with the gardenhall terrace door and are all three in the same size. See 3D reconstruction of ground floor 012 garden hall .
    This terrace door is also used for the outside entrance towards the loggia on both sides but with the width of the window above.

    The center door does not have the cornice of the southwestern façade but instead a rounded ornament on top. See photograph Friedrichstein manor house northeast façade, 1.

    The basement windows are modelled vaguly after photograph Friedrichstein manor house northeast façade, 1 and spread out over the entire northwestern façade in the axis of the windows from the upper stories.

    The "rustica" stonework is modelled in six layers after photograph Friedrichstein manor house northeast façade, 1 and Friedrichstein manor house northeast façade, 3 with a stone gap of 4 cm.

    The Tympanon has the roofs angle of 30 degrees. Image 3 illustartes the dimensions of the entire entablature and the tympanon through the combination of a rendering of the 3D modell with a detail of the photograph Friedrichstein southwest façade avant-corps, after 1920.




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