CARN: 3D reconstruction of ground floor 001 entrance hall
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3D reconstruction of ground floor 001 entrance hall
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  • Report:

    The 3D reconstruction of the room ground floor 001 ( Vestibül ) is mainly based on the photographs Vestibule towards garden hall and Vestibule southeast wall.


    Image 1 illustrates the 3D object 001 northeast wall and 001 southeast wall as well as details for the two cornices and the door frame of the southeast wall. The three doors of the northeast wall are in their basic shape equal to the terrace doors of the garden hall. Only their door leafs were remodelled after the phtotgraph Vestibule towards garden hall.

    001 northwest wall is equal to 001 southeast wall.

    001 southwest wall is not covered by any source and therefore modelled with no further detail.


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