CARN: Reconstruction of Fee's Room's Fireplace
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Reconstruction of Fee's Room's Fireplace
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3D Rekonstruktion des Kamins in Fees Stube
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Autocad 2015
  • Report:

    The reconstruction of the Fireplace in Fee’s room has been begun by Samuel Beckers on the 28th of Mai 2015 as part of the seminarwork for the Course " "Digital 3D Reconstruction of Schlodien manor - 3D Modelling and documentation against forgetting"“ at Technische Universität Darmstadt.


    The Fireplace was found on the North-west wall  of Fee's room. Fee’s full name was Euphemie Eleonore Magdalene Gräfin zu Dohna-Schlodien and she was the daughter of Eleonore Euphemie Gräfin zu Dohna-Schlodien and Konrad Karl Emanuel Adalbert Graf und Burggraf zu Dohna-Schlodien. The room was located in the Ground floor of Schlodien manor.


    The implied object was a salient construction, which shows itself as plastered and relatively unconvoluted as can be seen on the picture Fireplace in Fee's room (sheet 48, ill. 28).


    As base for the 3d-model functions the architectural survey  made by Zenon Marzyński, since tthe document contains all essential informations such as schematic sections and plans. Those informations helped making a precise 2d-reconstruction  in AutoCAD 2015. The architectural survey may have served as a underlay (see, but could not be blindly copied, since it shows discrepancies between the numeric information and the drawn information as picture ( shows. The 2d-plans then made it easier to build the 3d-model (


    Unfortunately the bottom part below the ledge hasn’t been documented as well as the top part, since as well as the survey as the only existing  picture (Fireplace in Fee's room (sheet 48, ill. 28)) of the fireplace in it’s full glory show it after the fire that destroyed Schlodien manor for it’s better part.


    So assumptions had to be made to reconstruct this part of the construction. It seems almost certain, that in it’s un-destroyed state the fireplace had a overhanging base in form of 2 pillars ( holding the cornice. This can be concluded by the way the fireplace is destructed here, specifically the lack of plaster and the „scars“ shown. Also this would make sense since the architectural survey implicates that the ornaments, in this part, are going inwards. To do so , the inside-sidewalls of the pillars had been used to complete the cranked ornamental arc.