CARN: 3D reconstruction of southwest façade avant-corps
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3D Rekonstruktion des Mittelrisalits der Südwestfassade
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Image Link Mittelrisalit Aufmass.png
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  • Report:

    The 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein southwest façade avant-corps is mainly based on the sketch Friedrichstein measurement sketch elevation of southwest façade avant-corps in combination with the photography of the avant-corps, after 1920, due to the fact that the sketch offers the only measurements and the highest level of information. (LoI 5) Later in the project the high definition scan with the scaffold was added to the sources. This could lead to the refinement of the entire building but was not considered in this variant.

    Image 1 shows the relevant measurements of the sketch in combination with the photography.

    These values were than applied to the photography of the northwest façade 3 for the height reconstruction of the building. (See image: F_elevation_doku) This elevation had to be altered later in the process, due to the cellar which was modelled to large.
     Its new height is depicted here: (new cellar heigth). In this process the heights of the rutica stones also had to be altered. For the integration in the terrain modell the cellar was modelled with an attachment of 20cm so that it can be placed within the terrain modell. (e.g. 3D viewer: total height 17,20 m but acctually 17 meters.

    For the elevation of the roof, see 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house roof.

    For the offset and elevation of the entablature see 3D reconstruction of northeast façade avant-corps

    The event illustrates the combination of the northeast façade with the southwest façade compared to the copy of the original designs by de Bodt in order to detect the alterations undertaken by Collas.

    The entire façade is mirrored symmetrically at its northeast-southwest axis.