CARN: 3D reconstruction of 2a Friedrichstein Marstall
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3D reconstruction of 2a Friedrichstein Marstall
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  • Report:

    The 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein Marstall is other than the 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house not based on a given ground floor plan and its measurements and therefor are its general proportions modelled in rounded distances.

    Image 1 illustartes the estimated dimensions for the Marstall. 

    Image 2 illustartes an older version of Friedrichstein manor house and the Marstall embeded in the area's state of 2014 taken by a drone flight. The floor remains at the southwestern end of the Marstall as well as ruins in situ of the basement (Meierei) are the indicator for the lenght of the Marstall as well as a confirmation of the aproximatly 10 m width of the building.

    Image 3 illustrates the estimated hight values for the Marstall and its ridge turrent. The basement is estimated at the same ground level as the basement of Friedrichstein manor house (505 m) which was the parameter for the in picture measurements.

    The basement of the Marstall (used as "Meierei") was modelled after the photograph Friedrichstein Marstall northwest façade. Its windows are equal to the basement windows of Friedrichstein manor house. The curvature of this building part is visible in image 2.

    Friedrichstein Marstall roof was modelled with an angle of 55 degree that shows a slight kink in its center. The hight of the roofs ridge turrent was estimated with the same hight of the entire building like illustarted in image 3. The ridge turrent itself is visible on photograph Marstall southeast façade and manor house as well as image 4