CARN: 3D reconstruction of 1 Friedrichstein manor house
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3D reconstruction of 1 Friedrichstein manor house
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  • Report:

    The 3D reconstruction of 1 Friedrichstein manor house is the attempt to virtually approach and combine various historical information of the destroyed building. Due to the fact that almost all building parts are lost the decision was made to reconstruct the building in its construction state before 1932 (as shown by the aerial views 1 and 2). After 1932 the northwestern annex and the roof of the Marstall were changed a last time before the building was destroyed around 1945. It is solely based on historical sources. There are some ruins of the cellar walls (Sockelgeschoss) left in situ. Unfortunately the site was overgrown with vegetation so that there were no further measurements taken during the Study trip to Friedrichstein. Almost all sources range around the LoI 4 so that the reconstruction approch was done accordingly in the LoD 4. Therefore buildingparts that are known or could have been reconstructable in an higher LoD were still modelled according to the LoD 4 as the entrie building. Later in the modelling process, attempts of different condition states were approached in the same LoD 4. See the reconstruction of the roof after duncker and the reconstruction of the northwestern annex a and b for the condition after 1932.

    The workflow began with the 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house ground floor, followed by the 3D reconstruction of southwest façade avant-corps for the general elevation due to the fact that the sources for these building parts had the only measurements available.

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