CARN: Reconstruction of the music room's fireplace
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Reconstruction of the music room's fireplace
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Nemetschek Allplan 2015
  • Report:

    On May 28th I started with the digital reconstruction of the fireplace in the music hall.


    Used Software: Nemetschek Allplan 2015 for Windwos 8.1.

    I downloaded the plan and visual materials from and afterwards evaluated the material.


    On 25th of June I finished 2D-reconstruction of the fireplace in the music hall.

    First I tried to get a good image and three dimensional impression of the chimney by working with the

    pictures and the drawing. In the next step I scaled the drawing in Nemetschek Allplan, so that the

    dimensions fit again.

    In the third step I created a raster in the given dimensions of the drawing. Then I traced everything

    which was already dimensioned. To draw the rest of the 2D reconstruction, I orientated myself on the

    pictures and the plan. Step by step I recognized a certain pattern which helped me to find out the rest

    of the missing dimensions.

    On 6th of July I finished the three dimensional reconstruction of the chimney in the music hall.

    The drawing of the fireplace didn't give any information about the depth.

    Only a single line gave an impression about how deep an element is going in- or outside. Furthermore

    the existing line, which was giving the impression of the depth, was not straight, so that it was hardly

    useful for getting the real dimensions. In this case it was better to guess the depth with the help of the


    All in all the damaged plans could be reconstructed with the help of the pictures and the other way


    Volutes: There were no specifications about the depth of the volutes. Therefor I orientated myself on the

    pictures again and was defining three depths: 1cm, 2cm and 3 cm.

    Ankles: Also for defining the ankles of the sides of the chimney, the drawing didn't give a lot of information -

    neither did the drawing help to find out the exact dimensions of the arrow in the upper part of the


    So I defined that the inner ankle of the arrow should be similar to the inner surfaces of the chimney,

    both in an ankle of 30”.

    Cornice of the chimney

    Both sides end on top of a base.

    Upper part of the chimney

    The upper part was the most difficult part of the whole reconstruction.

    The arc which frames the upper part gets thinner to the inside and is getting even more complex due

    to coffered ceiling applications on the this side. But also the cornices and volutes on the inside of the

    framed upper part make it really hard to get the real dimensions and with that to reconstruct this part

    of the chimney.

    All parts of the upper area were reconstructed individually and then put together, to form the entire



    On 15th on June:

    The end of the reconstruction of the fireplace in the music room.