CARN: 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house roof
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3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house roof
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3D Rekonstruction von Friedrichstein Herrenhaus Dach
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  • Report:

    The 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house roof is manly based on Oliver Hauck's assumption that the hip roof has two basic angels of 30 and 60 degree. The plausibility of this hypothesis is shown by the overlay the photography Friedrichstein manor house northeast façade, 3 with a rendering from the same standpoint. See image 1.

    The dormer windows (see the link for material) are centered over the corresponding window axis and are modelled after the detail drawing on Elevations, details and ground floor plan of Friedrichstein manor house.

    The "militaria" ornament at the southwestern roof is vaguely modelled after the blurred details of Friedrichstein southwest façade avant-corps, after 1920  , Friedrichstein postcard of manor house southwest façade and Friedrichstein manor house southwest façade, 1.

    The source Friedrichstein southwest façade with scaffold shows the roof in a higher level of information but was not available at the time of modelling. Through that high definition scan, the roof may have to be altered and remodelled in a higher LoD. Especially the roof dormers and the militaria can be refined.

    A different variant of the roof before the dormer windows were attached before 1920 is here: 3D reconstruction of Friedrichstein manor house roof after Duncker


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