CARN: 3D reconstruction of the ironing room
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3D reconstruction of the ironing room
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  • Report:

    The ironing room is in the ground floor in the north west part of Manor Schlodien.

    The basic of the 3D reconstruction of the ironing room are the building measurement of Marzynski and the photography of the Western corner.

    Also I used the existing modell of the fireplace from the 3D reconstruction of the fireplace in the ironing room.



    I didn't create the undefined platform on the floor, seen in this picture.

    As agreed with Joachim Backes, I take the cassette on the waal from the Garden Hall and adapted it to the ironing room.

    By reason of no informations about the doors, I take the door frame and door wings from the red room as a template and adapted the width.

    The position of the doors and windows I transfer from the working model of Schloss Schlodien and check it with the ground floor plan. The door on the southeast wall in this room I changed a bit, so it's more like the ground floor plan.

    In the southeast wall is also a fake window, which I created as a niche.



    To create the ceiling I used the profile of the upper cornic of the fireplace, the given plan and the different pictures of the building measurement (A, B, C, D)

    I changed the upper cornic of the fireplace to the created ceiling. Also I changed the middle cornice, seen in Fig. 2.


    Before I finished the model, Joachim Backes gave me two unlinked pictures of the ironing room:

    northeast wall of the ironing room

    northwest wall of the ironing room

    So I reworked the reconstruction and adapt the northeast and northwest wall to the pictures.


    By reason of the cassette below the windows on the northeast wall, there is an conflict with the rest of the model of Schloss Schlodien.

    Either the height of the room, ceiling, window or the ground level doesn't agree.

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