CARN: Creation of a low poly terrain model of Schlodien for WebGL
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Creation of a low poly terrain model of Schlodien for WebGL
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form*Z v 8.0.2 (Build 9413)
  • Report:

    The terrain for the webGL environmant has been created manually from the height contours used in the Reconstruction of Schlodien manor's terrain in FormZ. There is one flat plain for the Palace area containing all buildings. Only the ramparts and the small artificial hill of the tea house has been modelled in height.

    The valley with the two ponds crossed by the road on a dam has been modelled in 3D.

    The trees have been added manually as crossed billboards (standing images with alpha channel) according to the map "Gładysze. The ensemble of Palace and Park".

    All buildings are referred to this model by z-position.

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