CARN: 3D reconstruction of the fireplace in the ironing room
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3D reconstruction of the fireplace in the ironing room
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Archicad 18
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  • Report:


    Matthias Abele started with the 3D reconstrucion of the fireplace in the ironing room.

    The fireplace is in the ground floor of Manor Schlodien and is part of the southwest wall of the ironing room.

    First I created a 2D reconstruction in ArchiCad with the most important elements to create the 3D reconstrucion in Sketchup.

    The fireplace is a fake and has no combustion space. It is symetric to the y-axis. There are no exact informations about the depht of area A and the shape of the ornament in area B (seen in Fig. 1). In the photography western corner of the ironing room I found more details in area C (see Fig. 2) which aren't given in the given plan (fireplace in the ironing room).



    During the 3D reconstruction of the ironing room I changed the upper and middle cornice of the fireplace, seen in Fig. 3.

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